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year of the dragon :3

( GOODBYE, 2011 )
HELLO! 2012

☐ finish 50 anime series??
☐ watch 50 movies??
☐ get my license before spring
☐ only buy lunch once a week
☐ return to the top 10 for school rankings!!!!!!!
☐ no eating after 8pm unless at a party
[speaking of which] go to parties when invited to them instead of staying at home heh
☐ do an hour of homework before getting on the internet excludes fridays/weekends
☐ learn how to cg???
☐ plan better resolutions for next year!

yeah i make weird resolutions hurrrrrrr
HAPPY 2012 SCREAMINGGGGG fireworks outside my house!
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it's beginning to look a lot like...

happy holidays!!!!♡♡♡♡

(asides from the terrible lj commenting changes asdjflk;)
this thing totally ruined/made christmas for me I DON'T KNOW WHICH ONE YET??
SPOILERS: highlight to read! since i know a lot of you guys are starting/midway with it!
so many feelings omg. it was a perfect ending. my heart hurt so, so badly when shouma burst into flames.. it was just so terrible and beautiful asdlfk;j WHY CAN'T I WORD ANYTHING WELL and i don't even ship ringo/shouma that much but it was just so depressing how she ends up forgetting about him, anyway ;;
and kanba ;__; i feel so bad for him, esp. since himari wasn't even conscious when he broke into glass..
tl;dr shouma's death was just.. so much more dynamic than kanba's? asdlkfj;lsk
i was surprised that himari wasn't added to double H for the reset end, and I WAS SO, SO, SO happy that kanba and shouma were reborn (?) and the penguins were with them ;__; that was the cutest thing, esp. since #3 and esmeralda with the two! ajsdklf maybe there'll be a little spinoff about them? i can only hope haha.
now to see the explosion on tumblr and pixiv!

requests coming tomorrow/monday i think!
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( O11 ) 35 icons

i had a nice, unproductive day off today! woohoo icon post?
oh god i can't stop listening to wicked songs after seeing the broadway last weekend. WHAT DO???????????????????

08 ♡ bakemonogatari
11 ♡ the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya
10 ♡ panty & stocking
06 ♡ utapri

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♡ 3O

( O1O ) 40 icons + 3 wallpapers!!!

ahhh 365 icon thing.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

i guess it's okay to be the only person who
supports kanba/shouma
right? ;_;

07 ♡ natsume yuujinchou
12 ♡ mawaru penguindrum
08 ♡ tiger&bunny
13 ♡ umineko
03 ♡ 2 tiger&bunny, 1 natsume yuujinchou

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credits tcg: trading cards

 T R A D I N G

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credits tcg: main card post

if you plan to join, don't forget to refer curry!
 p l a y e r
player curry
track 07
card count 711 cards
updated january 16

 m a s t e r s (12 decks //240 cards)
 c o l l e c t i n g

go home   15 / 20


burn my dread  10 / 20

hoshi no sumika   09 / 20

super stream   09 / 20


///   00 / 00 tasks
 F U T U R E
not for trade ;;

  w i s h l i s t

 k e e p i n g
please do not offer!
 T R A D I N G

 vip / keeping / currency

 c u r r e n c y
x03 x08x17

 g r a d e s h e e t s

 c h a r a c t e r  s i n g l e s

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colors tcg: card logs pt.2

logs part 1
-traded hungry05, algorithm17 for messiah12, ice19 with stopping
-traded curry for zweilous with zweilous
-traded darkangel17, dreadlocks08, owner06 for manikatti01, drei16, fortune16 with spinningstyle
-traded koorime01 for pariah03, police03 at razy 46
-traded flamboyant11, curry for cinderella04, ori with oriaon
-traded parents12, sergeant09 for bleep13, zauber12 with disutansu
-traded guard07, bomb10, nerd04, pendulum16, kind19, hornet18, fragile16, kalina18 for translator04, reiki10,ignition01, necessarisu09, shadow20, wolf04, flaming16, guard07
 with spinningstyle
-received ordinary12, legal15, gretel15, purple for mastering 3rdchild
-traded youcopy08 for vines13, sadako17 at crazy 45
-traded osuwari09 for ice14 with mango-tcg
-received eroge09, apologize13, wisdom13, anima02, orange for mastering mid-childa
-traded verbose09 for vigilante10 with tales-fan
-traded twinstar17 for iceblue02, illusions11 at crazy 46
-received composer14, reserved14 from guess 59
-traded cheer12 for arcana03 at switch
-traded cheerio04 for osaka05 with umi-mizuno
-received innkeeper12, novel16, guts17 from directions 29
-received messiah13, koorime01 from lesson 64
-traded orange for empress05, adieu01, pizzicato02, cat13 from coloring 19
-traded claw15, illness07, green20 for shannaro16, february14, february09 withdisutansu
-received costumes14, tabris09, and mid childa13/15/20 from recycling-received fragile16, theend03, mars08, clueless12 at pokeradar55
-traded adam03, ratsbane09, typhoon06 for math20, schwazer06, sorry07 with sparkism
-traded understand10 for bk20109 with yamanaika
-traded captain07 for dancer10 at switch
-received strict16, ice17 from spar parts 50
-received flamboyant11 from pick 29
-traded hungry05, torment06, heiress16, volleyball17 for bleep05, messiah01 and thefebruary15 and cinderella18  with hushlust
-received umbrella13 ,strict04 from color 58
-received owner06, flare13, 3-a19, eccentric13, betreida13, ptrd-3103, bsaaa08,flameking08, sun13, dynmes16, ring06, fullmetal10, determined01, orange fordonating august graphics
-traded servant14 for 3rdchild07 with antarique-tcg
-traded falena04 for viginate11 with galearc
-traded joajna02/11 for exorcise17, games05 with love-michiyuki
-traded inside09 for psychiatrist20, ruin06 from crazy 45
-received apprentice03, april16, amnesia16, prodigal04, understand10 fro crosswords 29
-received paopufruit10, taser03 from giveaway30
-traded recruit07/09 for costumes11, stradust10 with oriharas
-traded rtraps12, sadist01 for reality18, asset04 with raylight159
-received titania11, troy04, traps06 from lines 32
-received ruinmode13, apprentice12 from shadow 52
-traded orange for geek13, beloved02, blazers05, stapler01 at coloring 19-1
-received costumes01/06/10/12/13, from recycling-received ratsbanse09, west07 frompokeradar 54
-traded orange for fanclub01, ribika07, realian06, lazy04 from coloring 18
-traded beast12 for uguu15, 10join11 from crazy colors 44
-traded curse20, curry for bartender12, meghan with megchan87
-received recruit09, blueeys12 from lesson 63
-traded fujoshi08 for izanagi19 with love-michiyuki
-received engrish11, beautyu11, valentines14 from shadow 51
-traded jewelry19 for zauber20 at switch
-traded wait05, playboy04, fox02 for hime08, judgment05, bleep09 with baredick
-traded leopard01, france18m,g erman09, halberd12 for austria06/13/14, symmetry18 with yamanaika
-traded beauty11 for aquarium11 with victorisham
-traded ostia16 for ice04 with galearc
-received england09, cola20, nirvash19 from seiyuu 52
-traded porn12 for cancer17, vigilante12 at information 24
-received guild03 from color 57
-traded gentle14, bow06, colonel12 for maihime11, sorry13/17 with nazonano
-received castle06 from costume part 53
-received determined13, steiner16 from art lessons 62
-traded biancaneve03 for aquarium19 with tsuruhime
-traded cynical10, forks03, zombie07, steiner16 for 7thheaven14, blaster20, cinderella06, osaka07 with chuukoku
-received takoyaki01, algorithm17, icequeen17 from music station 56
-received mid-childa01/09/10/16/17 from recycling
-traded chef19 for avenge07 with oriharas
-traded cavalry01, composer12 for eccentric18, 7thheaven09 with darkraven616
-traded oranges02, forecaster07 for austria18, messiah04 with perarduaadast
-traded earl13 fo akagami19, adore13 at crazy 44
-traded meister14, switerzerland13 for classical14, quincy02 with zweilous

-traded allsunday16, reliability10 for quincy15, ribika18 with mongoosehwrs
-traded 2-307 for optimist15 with unasuvas
-received mushi02, bigkitty18 from pick 27
-received soulunion16 from pick 28
-traded manager08 for bk201 14 with oriaon
-traded wings06, costumes01, suit20, contest12, whaleshark13,s wimming05, shark06,c ola08  fox02, kunst05, kimono18, ninja10, typhoon06, sorry11, rabi17, burning14, abel02, jealousy11, zangetsu07, cynical10, forks03, cure10, nemesisq12, chef19, loveme14, friendship19, resolute06, jewelry10, playboy04, germany20, royalguard19, maschera02, contests17, crusnik19, ostia16, classical04, orange, 3blues for pot of gold 11

-gifted prediction17 to disutansu
-received friendship17, guard07, verbose09 from lines 31
-received west07, seth14, recruit07 from directions 28
-traded mysterious19, cold09, strategy17, halloween01 for february16, ice16, messiah17, sorry01/19 with wolfie-

-traded tails11 for oranges02 at switch
-traded pendulum13 for ninja19, burn05 at crazy colors
-received littledevil10, liar13 from shadow 50

-traded keyhole10, police02, honest08 for raison06, messiah20, mid-childa19 with animepam
-traded celestial04, kaleidostar01, shy02, intelligent11, jellyfish12, funeral08, kimono13/20 for judgment02, technician10, leo04, acrobat01, austria19, eccentrice01, tattoo01, womanizer05 with kearin
-traded brown for sirix15, shinsou11, cheat11, six05 at coloring 18

-traded green, yellow for 2reds with conversated
-traded curry for gil with barnaby
-received kngithamre12, falchion06, gretel01, yellow for mastering pistol
-received tabris10, kagutsuchi14, gretel20, yellow for mastering anaru
-received blueeyes13, gadgets08, gretel02, green for mastering esper
-received falena04, bubbly02, gretel18, brown for mastering cynical
-traded mortician07 for anaru07 with staticphrase
-received marchhare19, anima10, gray for sketchpad
-received latvia16, butterfly14, brown for sketchpad
-received dynamite06, kwando02, blue for sketchpad
-received archery08, composer12, purple for sketchpad
-received curepeach16, ecstasy10, brown for sketchpad
-received darkangel17, hre07, red for sketchpad
-traded aries20 for classical09 with taminas
-traded dearbaby01 for anaru09 with kikinioth

-received minchi18,e clipse15 for giveaway 29
-traded president13 for deny08, soccer11 at crazy 43
-traded bishi02, mini10 from maihime16, mysterious19 with nazonano
-traded adeptrouge20 for technician19 with tales-fan
-traded veda13 for bartender07 with sekihan
-traded brown for comrades12, cooking14, mercenaery15, iceblue05 at coloring 18

-traded nyoro08, fashion10, andropphobic16, glomp16 for anaru06, parents20, perfect06, sergeant15 with conversated
-traded smartmouth18 from anaru13 with oriaon
-traded duck15 for reliable13 with maidsofmight
-received deny01/02/12/13/14 from spinningstyle
-traded gewehr04 for anaru04 with barnaby
-received omega15, keyhole10, kimono20, pistol19, orange for levelin to tangerine
-traded toran10, archaeology17 for anaru10, pizzicato17 with dropsofviolet
-traded god18 for izanagi20 with nugeyo
-traded bronco09, grapesr19 for delinquent01, bartender08 with mirufiore
-traded faintattack03 for anaru03 with kupwark
-traded smartmouth18 for anaru13 with oriaon
-traded 1stchild04, chaos18 for anaru20, pizzicato19 with darkraven616
-traded truth17 for cain02 with futachimaru

-traded prodigy07 for technician06 with midori-midori
-traded junes18 for anaru19 with bahamas
-traded jokes17 for anaru17 with zweilous
-received anaru16 from swoobat
-traded traitor18 for anaru18 with takasu
-received bomb16, worry05, wait05 from costumes part 52
-received debt14, spoiled16 from art lessons 61
-received spot06, tuxedo09, meister14, general04, pendulum16 from crosswords 28
-traded friendship, xrosheart16, debt14 for raison18, hydrangea11, izanagi14 with futachimaru
-traded shocking01 for esper11 with tsuruhime

-traded apologize16, umibozu17, redeyes06, muushroom10 for galaxy06/07/15, techinician13 with moon-wolfwriter
-traded kamatari02 for anaru11 with wolfie-
-received egotistical01, mortician07, tuna08, gewehr04, dearbaby01, faintattack03, swimtrunks04, social14 and nyoro08, kamatari02 from release 16
-traded orange for anaru05 with gumi
-received mini10 from parts 47
-traded egotistical01 for anaru01 with dearmykeysx

-received god18, loleus18 from color 55
-traded mysterious11, butler13 for aquarium18, mid-childa18 with victorisham
-traded selfless09 for optimist11 with swoobat
-traded sergeant05 for bronco09 at switch
-traded acewitches06, sleeping03 for korobokkuru03, bartender09 with frozen-circuits

-traded acrobat04 for anaru02 with spiffytuna
-traded tuna08 for anaru08 with arushiraoi
-traded voi15 for anaru12 with porvoras
-traded rhythm07 for exorcise12 with kirkland
-received cain03 & mid-childa05/06/08 from recycling
-traded social13 for anaru14 with umi-mizuno
-traded noble15 for anaru15 with sparkism

-traded honoo12, operator04, bungee01, pyroqueen07, pendulum14, whispered03, itadakimasu07, sagittarius14 for barcode11, swimming12, nerd13, spoiled14, neccesarius15, kiyohime16, ring17, kalina18 with spinningstyle
-traded taisa09, taozi07, worry11, fragile19, kira06, owner06, shaolin16, guild06 for fairy20, tristan14, sensible01, cheerio11, actor18, literature11, snacks10/11 with spinningstyle
-traded maidcafe03 for tabris14 with experienced
-traded sultry18 for esper01 with phibby

-traded honoo12, operator04, bungee01, pyroqueen07, pendulum14, whispered03, itadakimasu07, sagittarius14 for barcode11, swimming12, nerd13, spoiled14, neccesarius15, kiyohime16, ring17, kalina18 with spinningstyle
-traded taisa09, taozi07, worry11, fragile19, kira06, owner06, shaolin16, guild06 for fairy20, tristan14, sensible01, cheerio11, actor18, literature11, snacks10/11 with spinningstyle
-traded maidcafe03 for tabris14 with experienced

-traded sergeant06 for musket13 with tales-fan
-traded libra04, pegasus09 for eartshaker15, volleyball17 with umi-mizuno
-traded aries20 for imperial08 with multitasks
-received cheer01/12/14, cynical07/08, raven19, hime13 from spinningstyle
-traded dragon09/15 for costumes03, ice20 with yuidirnt
-received gemini08, hunter07 from conan's clues 53
-received dreadlocks08, maidcafe03, clueless19 from costume part 51
-received cynical13, bomb10 from pokeradar51
-traded graceful02 for technician15 with tales-fan
-tradee gray for kalina18, bishi02, dense09, biancaneve03 from coloring 17 - 1

-traded gray for bk20104, grapes19, rhythm07 at coloring 17 - 3
-traded inside01 for oracle11, intelligent11 from crazy 42 - 1
-traded kill02, submissive14 for judgment03, pistol09 with stopping
-received swimmming10, jealousy06 from clues 54
-traded dreams09 for costumes05 with spiffytuna
-received dullahan03, butler13, kekkai02, purple for donating pizzicato
-received trinsiette08, locket13, pal08, general18 from grafitti 28

-traded scout19,royalguard14, kalina18, and corn01 for the sukonbu15/17 and technician09/11 with spinningstyle
-traded clock17 for delinquent19 weith arushiraoi
-received hairclips12/17 and ice02/07/09 from recycling
-received camera10, foxhound05, pointer06, general19, 66620 from crosswords 27
-received cheerio04, survivor01 from pokeradar50
-received jupiter20, sleeping03 from art lesson 59
-received regal01, leopard01, bungee01 from costume party 50

-traded titana11 for hydrangea08 with kearin
-received cain02, glomp10 from giveaway28
-traded chainsaw01 for bartender18 with nugeyo
-received misandry09, contests15 from shadow 48

-received 1stchild04, mysteria15, cyberetic11 fom directions 27
-received gyoid09 from art lesson 60
-traded odyssey03, crow19, psychic13, strategy04 for delinquent06/17, messiah15, raison17 with lucathia-rykatu
-traded folklore17 for alone13 at switch
-received pendulum14, apologize16 from spar parts 46
-received flash05, whip06, bigpuppy10, algorithm16, red for donating art
-traded verbose04 for osaka04 with with yamanaika
-received noble15, 2-307 for guess the color 53
-received pegasus09, mysterious11, awaken01, brown for donating anaru
-received delinquent08/18/20 & optimist16/20 from recycling
-received cinderella09, shy02, taozi07, inside09, chief10, xrosheart16, shaolin16, pendulum13, meimei14, bandages03, seth07, sergeants09, stapler03, halloween04, purple for donating july

-traded perception09 for quincy12 with nazonano
-donated asobot12, sukonbu15/17 to asobot initiative

-traded fortune01 for blaster08 with ouji-tan
-traded green for captain18, adam03, guild06, desserts11 at coloring 16 (4)
-traded rebel17 for clock17 at switch (1)
-traded leader09 for maihime12 with futachimaru
-tradedleft20, onigiri03/20 & determined15 for caution04, balance08, ice08, spaz11 with moon-wolfwriter

-traded miko09, hyourinmaru04, judge18, supporter10 for avenge15, blaster05, pistol16 with wet
-traded body01 for exorcise01 with multitasks
-traded realian01 for raven01 with chikky2k5
-traded toyboat10 for ice18 with conversated
-traded suikka09, immortal01, submit01 for maihime06, avenge04/14 with arushiraoi
-traded cuarta15, sympathy04 for april17, exorcise20 with ulquiorrasch

-received maru12, odyssey03, supportive12, orange for mastering blossom
-traded durandal02 for musket02 with iflyairlines
-traded recessive07 for osaka08 with victorisham
-received graceful02, erocook15, xrosheart19 from scrapbook 20
-received psychic13, siscon16, lorelei14, voi15 from coloring 16 (3)
-received aries20, kind19 from shadow watching 47
-traded costumes01 for costumes01 with futachimaru

-traded explosives19 for classical20 with takasu
-traded sukonbu15, tails11, cipher14, soldier15, madcancer04, unrequited04, medic17, fragile03, natuso03, bloodyrose15 for bigsister03, contests12, mobile02, ruby09, duck16, dancer15, kill02, sommelier13, iris11, suit20 with spinningstyle
-traded prediction09 for esper05 with celestite

-traded warrior06, curry for osaka11, kearin with kearin
-received steak14, selfless08, gray for sketchpad
-received gentle14, strategy17, brown for sketchpad
-received sadist01, sohcahtoa08, joajna11 from costume party 49
-received quincy06/12 and hairclips03/06/08 from recycling
-received gentle15, fashion10, submit01 from quilting 1
-received explosives19, androphobic16, predicition09, reliability10 from color 26

-traded folklore10 for apirl10 with celestite
-traded devour18, intelligent15, precise10, butler08, hatter20, curry for balance20, beast16, novelist10, shannaro13, avenge18, katie with appleteacakes
-received bomb13, sagittarius14 from directions 26
-traded iceland07 for raison11 with alvanista
-traded dollie05 for knigtmare06 with alvanista
-received ice05, tails11 from conan's clues 51
-traded disaster07 for delinquent02 with tsuruhime
-traded minicon16 for gretel19 with galaxyprettyboy
-traded mute13, tenseige06, turkey07, howling08 for avenge05, delinquent03, osaka06, 3rdchild03 with sparkism
-traded admired10 for pulse20 at switch (3)
-traded automatil17 for bigkitty19, cold09 at crazy 40 (2)
-received operator04, peterpan18, green for sketchpad24
-traded armor19 for beast12 with conversated

-received composer17, bonds04 from giveaway 27
-traded snacks14 for april14 with staticphrase
-taded hacker12 for hungary13 with blue-fox-girl
-received recessive07, butler08, abuse02, orange for leveling to gray
-received realian01, dollie05, ribbon05, samurai02, brown for leveling to strawberry
-traded seahorse11 for 3rdchild11 with orechibisama
-donated occult12 to asobot initiative
-traded oresama10 for musket09 with kirkland
-received tristan01, folklore17, blossom05, gray for mastering abuse
-traded catcher02, pitcher04 for bk20118, costumes08 with fidio
-traded truth17, supporter11, drugs17, tauburn05, novel02 for delinquent07/19, novelist02/09, izanagi06 with chikky2k5
-traded deovted18, hungry14, deliver11 for esper10, gemini14, knightmare08 with stopping
-received dressup14, duck15, precise10, titania11, truth17, scout19 from music statio 53
-traded martillo06 for april09 with sparkism
-traded burning14, berserker17 for avenge08, izanagi17 with unasuvas

-received claw15, rebel17, mushroom10 from between the lines 29
-received jokes17, kaleidostar09, blossom15, green for mastering homophobe
-received green20, padlock01, keyboard12, green for mastering samurai
-received submissive14, yami20, rich06, shugo01, blue for mastering cure

-traded supporter11, namekian08, spy09, geika20 for shark06, swimming05, cola08, and wings06 with spinningstyle
-traded strikers11 for chaos18, toran10, mute13 at coloring 15
-gifted acrobat08 to bazookas
-traded green for kazoku02, starfish09, durandal02, bigpuppy07 at coloring 16 (1)
-traded maxter03 for maou09, intelligent15 at crazy 39
-received howling08, german09, blue for sketchpad 23
-traded green for osuwari09, bow06, natsuo03, friendship05 at coloring 16 (2)
-traded armor19 for beast12 with conversated
-traded parasite11 for balance11 with tategamiwolf
-traded berserker17 for archaeology17 with moon-wolfwriter
-traded eldest05 for fishing03, survivor14 at crazy colors 40 (1)

-traded sensible01 for blossom07 with kikinioth
-traded hypnosis17 for gretel11 with 00zags
-traded curry for kat with spiffytuna
-traded timid06 for maihime18 with lucathia-rykatu
-received kimono13, wakening06, glomp16, leader09, yellow for pageant 29
-traded gynoid04 for exorcise11 with hitagi
-received occult03, iyashikei12, green for sketchpad 17
-traded nun03 for cure17 with whimsykitsune
-traded sohcahtoa02, umbrella03 for exorcise03, supportive07 with victorisham
-traded kira12, masamune03, magical14, teall09 for asmurai165, hime06/11, izanagi03 with wolfie-

-traded heart08 for april12 with tategamiwolf
-traded clock02 for april02 with arushiraoi
-traded crybaby11, leader13, brag18 for quincy19, hydrangea03, esper16 with megchan87
-traded postivie09, snake10 for spaz14, sympathy04 with lurora
-traded rubber15 for dollie18 at switch (1)

-traded king13 for esper02 with angel-of-faith
-received novelist05, acrobat04 from referral release 15
-traded boxer19, heaven09/15 for blossom12, galaxy19, maihime07 with taminas
-traded fog08, germany19 for april08, hime05 with yuidirnt

-traded gynoid04, mushroom13 for hairclips10, spaz03 with kupwark
-received sergeant05, whaleshark13, brown for sketchpad 18
-received cry04, left20, yellow for sketchpad 19
-received chainsaw01, seductive17, green for sketchpad 20
-received admired12, acewitches06, gray for sketchpad 21
-received uncouth01, english18, purple for sketchpad22
-traded iceland19 for raison04 with alvanista

-traded clow08 for exorcise08 with dropsofviolet
-traded mobile12, zanza03, tuxedo14 for balance04/09, osaka13 with dropsofviolet

-received warrior06, martillo06, thunder02 from directions 25
-received kira02, occult12, snake10 for music station 52
-traded nonary05 for osaka15 with sparkism
-received forecaster07, contract01 from shadow watching 45
-received samurai16 from spinningstyle
-received brag178, supporter10 from art lesson 56

-traded poland01 for blaste16 with moon-wolfwriter
-traded seventeen04/10, pal08/13 for cure12, dwlinquent10, knightmare18, reliable03 with wolfie

-traded psychiatrist10 for shannaro11 with nugeyo
-traded deer19 for samurai20 wqith 00zags
-traded gaebolg14, spitfire05 for novelist01, osaka03 with piraskel

-traded spot11 for pistol07 with arushiraoi
-traded forks04 for exorcise04 with barnaby

-received nindo18, clock02, chibiusa03, folklore10, snacks14, body01, umbrella03, peterpan06, the rtraps12 i donated, and neshitter01 from release 15
-traded peterpan06 for exorcise06 with hushlust
-traded deny10, blank04 for exorcise10, april04 with alvanista

-received armor19, honoo12, burning143, green for donating exorcise
-received raison19, tabris20 from colors 51

-traded enjoy13 for pistol05 with porvoras
-received verbose04, sohcahtoa02, hypnosis17, blue for donating april
-traded owner06, trutler04 for pokeradar 47
-traded contests01 for blaster01 with gumi
-traded armor02, blastia08, unwritten07, truth15, cavalry01 for abuse05/06, brabbit11, esper15, homophobe07 with lazuliprince
-traded spirit02/20 for exorcie02, apirl20 with oriharas

-received seahorse12, gemini04 from pokeradar14
-received inherit03, short03, traitor18, devour18 from conan's clues 50
-received timberowl15, strikers11, leader13 from seiyuu 47
-received tsundere14, trailblazer123, heaven15 from color pick 25

-traded pacifist18, arrogant20 for reliable08, toyboat10 with futachimaru
-traded blame06 for brabit11 with husthlust

-received lazy02, drei05, halbred12 from costume party 48
-received quincy01/07/16/17/20 from recycling
-traded childhood01, chef06, rush01, paopufruit16 for bk20119, knightmare09/12, novelist18 with staticphrase
-traded poland01, nonary05 for exorcise18, osaka16 with experienced
-traded steak18 for apirl18 with gumi

-received tiger05, ribbon08, devoted18, zombie07, crow19 from graffiti 26
-received vino20, colonel12, royalguard14, judgment13, celestial04 from crosswords 26

-traded anima16 for inside01, shocking01, sin14 at coloring 15 (1)
-traded power08, overpower10 for 3rdchild16, reliable02 with izanagihana
-traded cute16, destiny16 for osaka01, shannaro02 with nugeyo

-received cynical01-05 from spinningstyle
-traded keyboard17 for supportive05 with dearmykeysx
-traded sake for supportive11 with barnaby
-traded malice0 for novelist12 with tsuruhime
-traded enigmatic05 for hydrangea09 with lurora
-traded knife09 for cinderella02 with farsketched
-received gramarye06, light06 from conan's 49


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mini hiatus!
from july 01 - 1 ♥ in washington DC

now for my last minute obligatory packing!!
the funniest part is that this is my first time staying away from home for a long time
(hope i make friends!!! fffff- and keimaaa♥♥)